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About Blythe Hub


Blythe Hub is Blythe’s free classified ad site, a Craigslist list type of site, just for the people of Blythe. It is not meant to replace or even compete with all the great Facebook pages you can sell things on. The Facebook selling pages are great to sell something cheap and quickly. But Facebook itself has some big limitations.

What if the buyer wants to see all the cars, or appliances in Blythe that are still for sale or all the baby items still available? As you know, Facebook’s search capabilities are very, very limited. If a boat was listed a few months ago, Facebook will not show it to you in a search. + A Facebook search can’t show you ONLY items that are STILL for sale, it will show you any recent post that has the word “boat” in it for example weather it’s still for sale or not, it might not even be a boat, it may also show you boat trailers or boat parts, boat service, toy boats etc.

Sellers don’t want to keep “bumping” items that don’t sell in the first hour to stay where people can see you. Buyers don’t want to scroll endlessly down the page to find a specific item….

Blythe Hub is different, with many great features,  it was built to be a true classified ad site for you.

So let’s get organized and start buying and selling!

Thank you!

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